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The Selene 54 is a very comfortable trawler yacht, which has been developed based on many attributes that made her predecessor, the Selene 53, so popular. For example the large salon/cockpit and boat deck that are very spacious. The Selene 54 keeps this attributes and the robust hull makes this yacht even more stable and efficient for offshore passages. Jet-Tern Marine has built a brand new set of molds for this model, including the hull, deck and superstructure, which ensures for a beautiful finished yacht.
The Selene 54's new hull gives three main advantages. The first is the Deep Hull that gives the Selene 54 much more space in the engine room, commissary, and the lazarette. The increased space allows for full stand-up access in the engine room for easier maintenance as well as more storage. The second advantage is that the the engine is low, giving better stability and a lower shaft angle. The lowered shaft angle, including the new propeller pocket, result in even very good efficiency. The fuel tanks have a capacity of 5.400 liter for a longer range. The last and third major advantage of the hull of the Selene 54 is the Cruisers Stern. This actually adds to the length of the water line, which increases the hull speed and attitude of the vessel.

The popularity of the Selene 54 and her predecessor is proven by the fact that already more than 100 of Selene 53 Trawlers have been build and she was marked already by the winning of the "Peoples choice award" at the 2007 Trawlerfest. Building on an established yacht quality, craftsmanship and seaworthy designs, the Selene 54 seems to have already surpassed its predecessor.

The Selene 54 is standard delivered with CE-certificate "A" (Oceangoing) and European electrical installations (220V AC) and optionally with European galley equipment.

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Jet Tern Marine is one of a group of companies in the Jet-Tern Group owned by the Chen Family. Howard Chen ( CEO ) founded Jet Tern Marine in 1998. This manfacturer of Selene Yachts is based in Taiwan, with manufacturing facilities in Dong Guan, Canton, China. Read more..

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